For commercial or even non-commercial sites expecting very large amounts of traffic to their www or ftp servers (over 50 megabytes a day) need to contact us to discuss options such as high bandwidth virtual servers or even co-locating your own machine with us.

A Brief Explanation on Co-locating...

With this service you would supply a server machine fully installed with whatever server software you wish to use or we can build it for you and competitive rates. The major factor is that you remotely adminstrate your own machine 100% contacting us just to organise rebooting and the occasional access for hardware upgrades. We recommend this is only attempted by experienced administrators using a UNIX operating system such as Linux.

The machine would be located right inside the bomb proof Telehouse building in London, England. A place where all the major Internet providers base their main machines and Internet links.

For more information please e-mail us.