Domain Hosting

Register a domain name and your webspace is accessible as http://www.yourdomainname/ For example, if your company or organisation is 'NetMake', your World Wide Web address could be or and your e-mail addre ss would be or

Choosing a Name...

Registering a domain on the Internet is similar to registering a company at Compaines House... and just as important! Even if you're not planning on having a web site yet, it is so important that you reserve the name that you would like to use in the futu re, thus preventing anyone else taking it. Having your own domain in the company name adds prestige to the web site and makes it a lot easier for someone to find your site.

UK Domain Names... - The standard for UK companies - The domain for UK network infrastructures - The standard for UK non-profit making organisations - UK academic institutions - UK government departments - UK limited companies - UK public limited companies

Note: For and names you must register the exact same that your company is registered as!

International Domain Names...

.com - The USA/international standard for companies (most popular)

.org - The standard for USA/international non-profit making organisations

.net - The domain for international network infrastructures

We can also register domains in countries all over the world on request. Examples: .se (Sweden), .ie (Ireland) and .fr (France)

  • Prices are fully inclusive.
  • There is no setup fee!
  • 16.50 per year (actually $25.00 yearly).

Click here to visit a currency conversion web site if you are unsure of these prices in your country's currency.

For more information please e-mail us.