File Downloads

Here are some shareware programs to get you going. We do not support these programs in anyway, and cannot be held responsible for any damage to your system. However, we do insure that these files have been fully checked for viruses.

Windows 95/NT
This will help you create Webpages, no matter what method you choose. Arachnophilia acts like notepad for coding HTML files, but it colour codes all the HTML elements and attributes for ease of coding. It also has pop-down menus for inserting those elements that you forget. Windows 95/NT only.

HTML Library...
Window 95/NT
A full help file with all the HTML elements and attributes. Very helpful, even for expert webdesigners. Windows 95/NT only.

Windows 95/NT - Windows 3.x - Macintosh
Eudora is an advanced, easy to use e-mail client for Windows and Macintosh.

Windows 95/NT - Windows 3.x
An easy-to-use FTP program for Windows which enables you to upload files and webpages to your Able-Towers shell.

Windows 95/NT - Windows 3.x
An SSH client for Windows that supports Password and RSA (3DES) Login. F-Secure allows a fast, high security method to login to your Able-Towers Shell.

Redhat Linux RPM - UNIX Source Code
An SSH Client for Redhat Linux.