Multiple E-mails

Able-Towers gives you unlimited e-mail addresses of, but if someone sent a mail to, it would be forwarded to So effectively you have unlimited addresses, but only one mailbox. So how do you setup your shell account to configure these addresses into different mailboxes? Well actually it's all to do with your e-mail client. This help shows you how to configure Eudora e-mail client for multiple addresses. (Please Note: This help is for Windows 95 users).

Eudora Lite 3.0
Eudora Eudora is an advanced, yet easy to use e-mail client for Windows and Macintosh. This help is divided up into three sections:

1) Downloading & Installation
2) Setting up Eudora for Able-Towers Mail
3) Configuring Mail Filters
V3.0.1 for Windows 95

V3.1 for Macintosh

Eudora Homepage
Downloading & Installation...

You can download one of the Eudora versions from the list on the the left. Once downloaded, run the executable file and follow the setup routine to install Eudora. It's fairly simple to install, the hardest part is setting up - which compared to other e-mail clients is still fairly easy.
Getting Started Setting up Eudora for Able-Towers Mail...

Click on the Tools Menu and go to Options. This should present you with a setup screen for login on to the mail server, and this is also where you setup all the client options. The Options dialogue box has seventeen different sections, of which only about four are necessary to configure at the beginning. The first section is "Getting Started". In the POP account box, change smith to whatever your Able-Towers userid is. E.g. Under the heading Real Name, put whatever you want your e-mails to appear from. E.g. when you send someone an e-mail, it will tell them it is from John Smith.
Personal Info Under the "Personal Info" section, two of the fields are already filled in from the "Getting Started" section. Insert your return address with, e.g. In the dialup username field, just put your Able-Towers userid again.


The next section is the Hosts section. In the SMTP field you need to put the SMTP server of your ISP. This might me '' or ''. If you don't know, you can phone your ISP and find out. That's it! Your new e-mail client will now work with your Able-Towers account.
Checking Mail It might be a good idea to edit the next section, headed "Checking Mail". Here you can edit things such as how often to check mail, e.g. every 10 minutes, or you can set a limit on the file size you download.
Configuring Mail Filters...

Eudora has a special utility where you can filter mail into different mailboxes. I will explain how to configure Eudora to put different mail depending on what address it is sent to, e.g. if it sent to, it would be transferred into Sally's mailbox. First of all create a new mailbox for an address you want. E.g. for sally, I would create a mailbox for her by clicking the Mailbox Menu, then selecting New.

Once you have created you mailboxes, go to the Tools Menu, then Filters. Click New, and a New filter called "Untitled" should appear in the filters list. Check the incoming box, select To in the header field, then in the contains field, put the address that you want mail transferred from. E.g. in this example, all incoming mail that people have sent to will be filtered.


Next you have to tell Eudora exactly how to filter the mail. There are a number of options that you can change, but we want the mail to be transferred to another mailbox, rather than the Inbox. In the action section of the Filters dialogue box, select the first action as "Copy To". Then in the field, select the mailbox that you want it to be transferred to (i.e. the new one that you made earlier).


What I have shown you here is just one of the many complicated filters that Eudora can do. You can even do up to 5 actions with one filter. You can filter outgoing mail, you can filter mail containing words. You could even filter out mail containing offensive language. If you're feeling adventurous, have a go!