Classic UNIX Shell

In Brief...

  • 25 Megabytes of space
  • E-mail address
  • Your own website
  • All the main UNIX Shell features + menu
  • Use of IRC and Able-Towers's Server and chat
  • Run a background process - IRC (ro)BOT such as eggdrop and/or the SCREEN util

In Detail...

Customers' UNIX accounts on our system can be accessed via SSH into the server/machine over their existing dialup Internet access. The machines that the accounts run on are actually in the United Kingdom, but can be accessed with almost as much speed from anywhere in the world.

Some of the shell's features are...

  • Every user can pick his/her own userid (login) and password needed for access to our systems. Users may also request the additional information like the 'Real Name' field to be changed (or change it themselves with the chfn command) for confidentiality.

  • Full Access to UNIX shell via a user-friendly menu interface and/or a command line on a powerful machine linked to a fast connection to the Internet.

  • 10 Megabytes of storage space on server (cheap additional disk space on request).

  • Use of the screen command allowing a user to run simultanious logins e.t.c.

  • Users allowed to run an IRC (ro)BOT such as an eggdrop or vladbot. With this account we fully support the new features for virtual domains in eggdrop bots allowing you to have your bot running on any network as Extra processes can be bought. For information see pricing below.

  • You receive an e-mail account with us. Users are able to use our systems' e-mail services to send and receive e-mail on the Internet and locally. Mail can be posted and collected via a menu-driven client in the UNIX shell, from their Windows/Mac client off our POP3 server.

  • Use of standard compilers for the programmers.

  • With access to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, users may get/put files from/to other FTP sites on the Internet using our fast link. We will also have a large variety of shareware files available through FTP to our users. We are on an extremely fast link located directly on a backbone itself, so transfer speeds will be high!

  • Multiple virtual host domains available for public use.

  • And more... all of the standard features of a UNIX shell are supported.

  • Prices are fully inclusive.
  • There is no setup fee!
  • 32.99 per year (roughly $50.00 per year).

  • Background processes 17.99 per year (roughly $29.00 per year).
  • Extra HD space is calculated at 0.5 pence a Megabyte per day (1 pence is roughly 1.5 cents) which works out at 1.85 (roughly $2.99) a year per extra Megabyte.

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Please read the Terms and Conditions before signing up for an account.